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Are The Merchant Cash Advances Worth It?

Do you think that merchant loans in Canada are worth it? Ask this question to any business, and you will get surprised and confusing looks from them. The answer to the question is, maybe.

Right now, the financial sector of small businesses is in full chaos. As many lenders have tightened their loan qualification criteria, the small businesses are struggling to get a proper loan for their businesses. Merchant cash advances are one of the major alternative options that small businesses can rely on. However, the businesses should understand the dealings of the merchant cash advances and should not take it lightly while availing the loan from them.

merchant loans canada

Why Are Merchant Cash Advances Different?

For starters, the merchant cash advances are not technically a loan. It is a cash advance that depends on the credit card sales that get deposited in your merchant account. So, if you do not have the provision of credit card payments, getting such loans is not an option for you.

However, if you deal with plastics, the application process and the approval requirements are not that complicated. If you choose the merchant loans Canada for your business, you can get the fund quite quickly. Sometimes, the businesses can have access to the required fund within 24 hours of the approval of the loan.

The merchant cash lenders take a different perspective of your business that does not match with the perspectives of the banks and other lending institutions. The merchant lenders consider your credit card transactions to make sure that you have the cash flow to pay them back on time. That means, even if your personal credit score is below 500, it does not affect the cash advance you get from the lenders.

The only trouble is that the cost of getting a merchant cash advance can get pretty high. Sometimes the cost gets much higher than other financing options. That’s why the business owners need to pay attention to the terms that the lender is offering to make sure that the loan fits their requirements perfectly.

Complications of Merchant Cash Advance

Unlike a line of credit or a bank loan, there is more to an MCA than just an APR. The repayment terms of the merchant loans Canada are widely different than the traditional ones. Holdback is one of the biggest differences that merchant cash advance has compared to bank loans.

merchant loans canada

If you have never taken a merchant cash advance before, it is always better to understand the terms and regulations associated with it. The holdback, for example, is associated with the percentage of the daily credit card sales of your business applied for repayment of the loaned amount. In most cases, the holdback amount lies somewhere between 10% or 20% of the transaction. This percentage is usually fixed and it gets stopped once the full amount is repaid.

So, these are some of the details that you needed to know about merchant loans in Canada. Now that you know about this information, you should make sure to check every aspect of the loan before sealing the deal. While you can check the paperwork and documents yourself, it is always better to take the help of a lawyer to make sure you are not getting entangled in something you do not really want.

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Gmail or Google Contacts Sharing Tips and Tricks

The Gmail that is your friend when you are on work, could turn into an enemy when you return after a vacation. The heck of mails piled in your account can make you mad. In the same manner, there are other problems too that we face related to it. Here we are going to tell you ten smart tips that can help you in coming out of these problems. For Shared Contacts for Gmail or Share Gmail Contacts App or Share Google Contacts App or how to share google contacts you can go to Techtimes article.

Use the smart compose 

This is one such feature that completes your sentence before you. The Gmail AI knows your requirements and hence even writes for you. To enable this feature, you will have to go to settings, then general and then you need to turn the “smart compose” button on. You need to turn the personalization button on and the feature will learn your style. To provide feedback for this feature, you need to go to “more options”, where you can select the “Smart compose feedback”. 

Send later feature 

There are times when you have finished your work, but due to WiFi or other problems, you are not able to do so. You can use the scheduled send option in such a case. Just click the down arrow at the bottom left of your email, after you are done. It is on the left of the “send button”. Here you can select the schedule, send and select a time and date on which you want to send the mail. Once your device will get the connection, your mail will be sent. 

Use keyboard shortcuts 

The next tip would be using keyboard shortcuts for the maximum of your work related to email. You can get the compose feature on suddenly when you have long pressed C or you can visit your drafts automatically by clicking on B+D. All you need to do is to go and enable this feature. For that, you will have to go to settings, then advanced and then enable the keyboard shortcuts. You need to do the same with general settings too. 

Un-send feature 

There are times when we send a mail by mistake or a mail that is not required. You must have been thinking that Gmail does not have the option of un-sending it, but that is not true. To enable the un-send feature on Gmail, you need to go to the right-hand corner of your Gmail homepage and choose settings and then general. You need to turn the “undo send” button on. You can even choose the time. Set it between 5 to 30 seconds according to your level of panic. 

Self-destruction feature 

There is a lot of time when you have already sent the message you should not. Well, if you have sent such a message, you can make that one non-usable. If you are trying the self-destruct feature of Gmail, then this message could not be forwarded, copied, downloaded or used anywhere in any way. To do this, you need to click the small clock with a lock icon on the bottom toolbar. There, you select the recipient and time frame. Not just this, but you can even go to require a password and then click on the SMS password to send the recipient passcode needed to access the mail. 

Canning feature 

This feature is for those professionals who keep on sending the same email to a lot of people or those who are used to copy and paste the same mail and sends the wrong name in the greeting. To activate it, first go to, Settings icon, then to  Settings, then General and finally, you need to enable Canned. 

Snooze mail 

We get stressed using work emails after work hours. If you want to get rid of it, snooze your mail and in this way, you will see it when you are ready to respond. You just have to search for the snooze option and can turn it on. 

The PA feature 

To find your flight gate at the airport or to recall the name of the restaurant you have to go, you don’t need to scramble through the mails. Go to the right-hand corner of your main screen, click Google account and select options like payment, subscription or whatever you need. 

The Tab feature 

The tab feature just divides your mails into different categories like social media, updates, promos, finance and many more. To enable it, go to the setting icon, configure inbox and select the way you want it to be done. 

Do not break the chain 

If there is a mail chain, which you want to copy to a colleague, you just need to type “+their name” and their address will appear. Select it and save the chain from breaking.  

These were all the 10 tricks that can make emailing so easy for you. If you read the points thoroughly, you will come to know that there is no trick needed in all of these things. You just need to find out these features on your Gmail account.  

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Forensic Engineering – Things You Need to Know

Whenever you watch any crime-based movies or serials and series, you find it thrilling how a criminal commits murder and how tactfully the detective or the police catch it from the clues the criminal leaves behind. The reality is not that easy and dramatic. There are lots of aspects in finding the murderers or the criminals that the movies or the series don’t cover. The forensic field is one of such fields that may not get filmy treatment, but one of the major aspects in catching the criminals. If you want to know more about Canada Forensic Engineers, you can pay heed to these following questions and the answers of those.

canada forensic engineers

  1. What Is the Definition of Forensic Engineering?

As per the definition, given by the National Academy of Forensic Engineers, it is the ‘application of the art and science of engineering in matters which are in, or may relate to, the jurisprudence system, inclusive of alternative dispute resolution.”

  1. What Are the Criteria of Being a Forensic Engineer?

Being a forensic engineer requires patience as it is a long process. First, a student needs to get a degree in engineering and also earn the license of being an engineer in a particular state. Then, you need to work as an engineer to gain experience and finally, you get the certification of a professional engineer.

canada forensic engineers

  1. What Are the Challenges You May Face As Forensic Engineer?

The job of a forensic engineer is challenging as they face lots of hindrances while performing their tasks. Every case is different, so there is no steadfast rule of working. Besides that, a forensic engineer also needs to visit the site of crime and interview people who are associated with it. Overall, he must have an idea about litigated matters, which means understanding the evidence, processes of presenting those in the court and also thorough documentation of the entire investigation process.

  1. How to Start a Forensic Engineering Investigation?

Usually, the forensic investigation starts with a broader aspect and as one gets more clues, the investigation becomes narrower. No matter what crime has been done, a forensic engineer has to investigate thoroughly to get to the root of the crime. The entire process of investigation should be systematic.

canada forensic engineers

  1. For Whom a Forensic Engineer Works for?

If one is a crime lab analyst, they work for the state or the law enforcement agency. But, forensic engineers are independent. They may be hired by law enforcement agencies to help them solve any case. They may be summoned to the court as a witness and also as the explanatory individuals about their findings of the case. Attorneys also consult them to know their views on the crime and ask about questions to be put in front of the court.

  1. How Does Polymer Solutions Help in Forensic Engineering Investigation?

Polymer Solutions is an expert in material analysis and it works as an independent analytical laboratory. It provides on-site facilities, like testing equipment, evidence housing, high-resolution cameras, etc. Besides that, Polymer Solution also has expertise in understanding the litigated matters for years.

So, forensic engineering is required for any type of crime conducted at certain places, from murders to the collapse of a building. In every case, forensic engineering is important now and it plays a huge role in solving cases.

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A 360-Degree of Shared Office Spaces in Toronto: Pros and Cons

Does a co-working place kill productivity? Will working at a co-shared office breach privacy of individuals?

Questions of these sorts are doing the main talk among the aspiring entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals. Despite the confusion, the global movement of co-working has proliferated at a large extent. Thanks to the emergence of Toronto shared office space and at other provinces across the globe.

According to a survey, it was revealed that a good section of employees and even employers always wanted a place to work that provides the congenial environment of home and sophistication of a corporate hub. Needless to say, a Toronto shared office space balances all such features in the right proportion making work fun.

In fact, this inventive concept of working has revolutionized the office culture at par. If you are thinking about hiring a co-shared office space, you are on the right track. You can get endless benefits. Check out:

shared office spaces toronto

Major Advantages:

  1. Impeccable Networking Opportunity

Renting a shared working space will give you the opportunity of knowing a lot more focused entrepreneurs. There is no denying that in business good brains and strong network matter to the core. You will work in an environment which individuals coming from different walks of life with great leadership, ideas, and virtues.

  1. Cost Effective

This is one of the most important benefits that you can’t overlook. A co-shared space offers freelancers and small business owners to work in a fully serviced office with state-of-the-art facilities without spending big bucks.  So, if you are just starting off with your venture, shared office space is the best bet for you can save a substantial sum.

toronto shared office space

  1. Excellent Flexibility

Apart from the ones mentioned above, you will also get to enjoy several flexibilities at once. For instance, you will have the full-freedom to share your cabinet with other businesses. A co-sharing office will also let you be the boss in a pajama. The list is quite big!

  1. Encourage Work-life Balance

A co-shared space promotes work-life balance at a great extent. It provides the employees several avenues to retreat their minds for cutting down the level of stress. Activities like meditation, social events, ice breakers, etc. help the workers to increase their productivity. This is an absolute tried and true benefit-driven feature obtained from such a workspace.

shared offices space


  • If you are a man who is accustomed to working in a professional corporate environment, you may find difficulty in sustaining at a co-working space.
  • Due to the presence of many people, you may at times get distracted.
  • You may not get the option to render a brand value to your business due to lack of customization.

Last Thought:

Every good thing has a bad in it and a co-shared space is no exception. However, if you focus on the advantages, the shortcomings will never jeopardize your work or productivity.

From expanding your professional network to developing the business, a Toronto shared office space is surely the best option to catalyze your personal and professional ecosystem. To read more, click here!

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How Does Digital Marketing Benefit Consumers?

In the world of marketing, digital marketing is defined as a marketing process that encases all available channels for promoting a product or service. In short, digital marketing efforts can help a business to build a digital brand.

Some leading Toronto SEO Company experts have expressed their view that digital marketing is even more successful than traditional marketing campaign. Just like customers have moved their search online from the traditional YellowPage; similarly, businesses are also taking the help of digital marketing channels like social media platforms, mobile marketing, email marketing, SEO, PPC, and more in order to have access to global customer base.

toronto seo company

How Digital Marketing Are Helping Businesses?

It is important to understand the ways through which digital marketing is helping big brands and businesses. Only then it can become easy to understand how it would benefit consumers.

Digital marketing offers numerous advantages which traditional marketing didn’t offered. Digital marketing basically allows businesses to develop their marketing plans and remain at a competitive edge. With the help of digital marketing strategy, a business can:

Connecting with Customers

Make use of content in order to get in touch with online consumers. Having a strong online presence is suitable for both customer conveniences and marketing success.

Tracking Customers

Analytics can help digital marketers to track potential customers and also take a note of their action and preferences. Getting an insight of customer behavior becomes easy.

Toronto seo services

Optimize Conversion

Once Toronto SEO Company team tracks customer behavior, sites can be optimized so that there are more conversions.

High ROI

Increasing the digital outreach can help businesses to increase their revenue.

Connect with Mobile Users

A strong optimized website for mobile devices can affect the buying behavior. More customers would visit and buy from a site that is mobile friendly.

Hence, one cannot deny the importance of digital marketing. It helps the society to gain important information very easily. More than that, reaching to customers through digital media gets greatly influenced. How? The more amount of people get engaged with a site, it helps in creating brand awareness.  Hence, helps to draw visitors to a site.

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Managed IT Company Toronto: Where Does Your Business Fit?

In this competitive world, more businesses are taking the help of managed IT services, in order to find the right IT solution for their business. Whether a business needs the help of a Toronto managed IT Services for remote desktop IT support for users at different locations, or for updating any software for their system, getting in touch with a professionally managed IT firm is essential.Managed IT Services Company

Need of Change

Whether a business is choosing a managed service provider (MSP) for the first time or the business house is a repeated customer, finding the right MSP provider is crucial. In order to find the right partner, it is important to ask crucial questions. However, one needs to keep in mind that the service providers of MSP operate in a proactive manner. This means that the professionals try to monitor, provide patch and support for the IT issues which a business might be facing.

Any reputed Toronto managed IT Services can deliver an all-inclusive IT functions for their clients. They provide managed IT services so that it can help business in their growth. Studies have shown that the most important reason for businesses to switch over to MSP is to save operational cost. After all, when one hires an MSP, a business won’t need to employ and train IT staff and pay them even when there are fewer projects.

Two Type of Service

Businesses can choose from two types of IT providers. However, before choosing the respective provider one needs to know which category is suitable for them. They are:

Managed Services

A Managed IT Services Company provides managed services to businesses. Availing this service can provide a lot of benefits. They are:

  • It offers a quick response time. any issues would get resolved instantly.
  • Maintain a secure network for any business so that it keeps running all time.
  • Network or devices don’t face any downtime.
  • MSP will ensure that the devices remain free from malware. In case of any threat, the professionals will prevent it from happening.

Reactive Service

Businesses opt for this service when they don’t have an MSP. Usually, this kind of service requires one to purchase long hours and avail the services when needed. Or, one can provide services by the hour.

Taking up this service can be more problematic as it can lead to more issues. Solving these issues can lead to adding more hours and spending more on it. Also, downtime can affect the business.Managed IT Services Company

In order to make the business operations hassle-free and running smoothly, managed IT services provided by any Managed IT Services Company can be beneficial.

Why MSP?

If a business wants to save from the hassles and stress, getting in touch with a professional MSP is important. MSP can solve the IT issues at minimal cost. In short, it can help businesses to achieve success. IT team can have a right plan to solve the problem.

Taking the help of a Toronto managed IT Services can increase efficiency for IT operations. With an improved strategy, one would be able to focus on their core functions and help business in their growth. For more info read here!

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Visitor Tracking Software Is a Great Scope for High schools

The ever rising threat and violence that one gets to see all over the world has become a serious concern among the people. In order to keep the students and other staffs of the school completely safe, it would be better to introduce an improved security system.

Visitor tracking software is a new type of system that can ensure the safety of the school staff as well as the students. This kind of software can do away with the age old system of manual-log book for registering the name of the persons who enters the school premises. After all, a manual log book can be easily misplaced. Also, the authenticity of the visitors can’t be verified through the help of log books.

What Is Visitor Management Software?

Before you delve deep into the topic of the software, it is very important to learn about the software. Visitor Management Software or VMS is basically tracking software that basically tracks the visitors who enters a premise. The software before tracking the visitors also create an ID badges for the visitors. The badges provide the visitors access to various areas.

Visitor tracking software

How It Works?

Visitor tracking software is basically installed at the entry points of school gates. When any visitor will try to enter the premises, they will be asked to enter their details. Apart from providing details, camera might capture their picture. While a scanner will scan their details like address and name. All these data gets stored in the database. The stored data can be used by the school authorities for future references.

The badges and cards accessed needs to be places in front of the entry points so that the visitor can get access. The badges are created in such a way that it can restrict a visitor from entering any restricted area. If they try to enter forcefully, alarms will ring. Then the security can take the intruders away from the place.

Why it is Useful?

You might know that schools are often the soft target. If school is not properly protected, it can become very dangerous. The visitor tracking software when used can properly scrutinize the visitors. It checks if the visitors or other members are registered in their data base. They also check if the visitor is a threat to the school or not. If the data of the person or visitor matches in the criteria of a intruder, they won’t be allows any id badges or passes.

Also the tracking software can help school authorities to learn about the whereabouts of the student and other staffs. It can create a security alert and won’t provide entry to any member to a restricted area.

The best thing about the visitor tracking software is that the visitors won’t need to register themselves again and again. The data saved in the database also save time of the visitors.

One gets to see reports of high schools being attacked by terrorist or any anti-social elements. Visitor tracking software can be a great scope for schools. The enhanced security features can keep all staff and students protected from any kind of danger.

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Toronto SEO Firm Can Help with Building a Positive Brand Online

Whether you are a startup or a small-scale business, in order to survive in this competitive world, it is very important for the businesses to have a strong online presence. Having a strong online presence not only helps in boosting the brand but also helps to create a positive image among the visitors.

Having talked about strong brand image, one question that eventually comes in the mind of the business owners is how to build a positive brand image online. Well, there are many ways to achieve that but taking the help of reputable Toronto SEO firm with various SEO strategies can help in the branding efforts of the business houses.

Does your business have a strong brand presence? If not, you might be wondering what can be done to have a strong brand presence. In order to help you get started with your branding needs, Toronto SEO firm can help you out.

toronto seo firm

SEO Is No Longer Related To Search Engine Rankings

Over the last few years, SEO has witnessed huge changes. No longer is SEO considered to be a measuring stick for search engine rankings. Rather, it is used for many other things such as for promoting a business or their services, helping in their branding. Well, it can be said that if SEO is ides effectively it can help any businesses in gaining a huge flow of traffic and bringing a huge flow of traffic to the site.

Ways in Which SEO Firms Can Help In Boosting a Brand

A positive brand image can be a trump card for a business. Well, it can help people to consider why they should connect with your business would be more feasible for them. In order to create a positive brand image several things are needed to be considered such as visual presence, value, character, relevance, and so on. When you consult a reliable Toronto SEO firm they can help you in building a strong brand image in the following ways. They are:

Link Building

Brand awareness is about gaining recognition about a brand. Link building will allow you to direct traffic to your site.

Targeting Niche Audienceseo firm toronto

Businesses can target their niche audience and gain an edge over the competitors. By narrowing down their keywords, businesses can easily build their brand image.


It is considered to be one of the best ways to build a positive reputation about a brand online. The SEO firms will provide positive reviews about your services and products that will be able to influence the visitors to learn more about your business.

Social Media Profiles

Having a profile page for your business with a link to your site can help businesses learn about a business. Through these profiles, businesses can connect with the audience. This can help in building a relationship with clients.

Optimizing Content

Toronto SEO firm can help to create awareness about your business with content marketing. Innovative and unique content that will engage the audience would be mainly used for the websites. With good SEO practices, the content would attract the crawlers for improved ranking and better brand awareness.

Integrating SEO and branding can help business organizations in expanding their brand reach and gaining a huge organic traffic. This, in turn, can help in improving brand image.